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        Michael Murphy, Lloyds Real Estate, Puerto Vallarta / May 17, 2017

        Hola Miguel,
        I would like to thank-you for all your help and assistance in bringing our sale of Casa Encino to a successful conclusion. As someone who has worked for 30 years in the real estate industry I wanted to congratulate you on the professionalism of you and your team Naby and Miriam. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to doing many more transactions with you in the future. Atentamente

        Amanda & Chuck Peterson, Chicago, Ill / December 03, 2015

        “I had the great pleasure of recently meeting Fabien while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Fabien picked us up from our condo around 10:00 am to about noon. He asked lots of great questions in order to ascertain what our wants, desires, needs, and price points are. Based on our info, he started showing us some great prospects.

        At one location we saw about 4 condos – 2 and 3 bedrooms. Then Fabien took us to another 5-6 locations showing us condos and even some houses that were within our price point. He hit the nail on the head!!!!!

        Fabien answered all of our questions about life in Puerto Vallarta (places to go, sight seeing opportunities, restaurants that serve all types of food with varying price points.) He also answered all of our novice questions about owning rental properties here in Mexico.” –Amanda & Chuck

        Danielle Pilon, GirasolSur / October 22, 2015


        I would like to give you some feedback on dealing with you as my agent for the sale of my condo. I must, in all honesty, say that you were one of the most professional real estate agent I ever dealt with. You were always on top of things,giving me valuable advice on the market conditions in puerto Vallarta. I sincerely appreciate all that you did for me and I hope that one day we get meet.

        Joan & Carlos, Denver, CO / June 01, 2015

        “We met Fabien Madesclaire at an open house and scheduled an appointment for a consultation to appraise and sell our condo. Fabien was very professional, organized, and experienced so we decided to sign with Fabien to sell our current condo and purchase a home near the beach. He did an amazing job in showing us a bunch of properties as he knows Puerto Vallarta perfectly and understands the Mexican real estate market.

        Fabien was very flexible with his schedule and always made himself available. Throughout the entire process I felt he was extremely responsive, gave great advice and easy to work with. Fabien helped us find the perfect dream home in Conchas Chinas and we couldn’t be happier. We love our home! I recommend him!

        Thank you!” Joan & Carlos

        Dirk and Michael Brosnan, Portland, OR / February 04, 2015

        “Fabien understands the real estate market in Vallarta. He represents lots of sellers and buyers. He was a super nice guy with a warm, joyous, and engaging personality. He is the man to go to if you’re interested in buying in this area.”

        Thank you Fabien!!!! You are awesome to work with!!!!!
        Dirk and Michael

        Michel Favreau, Montreal, CAN / March 23, 2014

        Fabien is the best agent I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I’m a very picky person and he was so patient with me. Too, I’m French Canadian, and prefer doing business in my native language. Fabien is fluent in French, Spanish and English, so he was especially able to navigate the multi lingual Puerto Vallarta environment. He’s genuinely nice as well as professional. I looked at at least 30 homes with no hesitation and he was always available for me. I wouldn’t use anyone else going forward. When ever I’m ready to sell and buy again, I’ll be calling Fabien.


        Margo and Rob McLeod , Casa Picsis / February 15, 2014

        Never say Never. Being diehard renters, we never thought we would purchase a foreign property. However, when we met Fabien, we were so impressed with his patience in showing us around….for 4 years! One look at our puerto vallarta home and there was our “Ah ha’ moment. Fabien helped us throughout the entire process with skill, valuable advice & professionalism, even taking us to the CFE (electrical) office to arrange for our new account. From the purchase to closing, the experience was actually enjoyable and stress free. We recommend him and his team highly should you wish to find your dream home. We did and are so grateful!

        Tony Pringle, San Francisco CA / May 30, 2013

        “As a California Broker, I lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta for two other real estate offices for four years. While in Vallarta, I was fortunate to have worked with Fabien on a number of transactions including my personal property.

        Not only was Fabien always professional and ethical, he knew the market in PV well! He took care of business, took the time to follow up and communicated with you. And his marketing is awesome. Even though I left Vallarta two years ago, I still enjoy his invaluable emails regarding the market and life in PV.

        He would be the Agent I would recommend to buy or sell in the Puerto Vallarta area!!”

        Kim & Debie Stuart, Marin County, CA / December 17, 2012

        “My Wife and I are Marin California residents, and we were looking for a luxury property in Puerto Vallarta.

        “Fabien Madesclaire helped us with all aspects of our purchase. He was a great guide. Showing us all of the different areas of beautiful Puerto Vallarta. We finally decided on Old Town, as we love to walk and dine out, and wanted everything at our doorstep.

        When we saw Casa de la Torre we fell in love! An oasis in the center of town with beautiful gardens, a private pool, tastefully furnished and in perfect condition. All we needed was a suitcase to move in!

        Fabien assisted in all aspects of negotiation, and purchase. His advice was invaluable.

        We love our house, and spend several months a year in our own little piece of Mexican Paradise.”

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