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        Puerto Vallarta's Premiere
        Real Estate
        Ask and experienced Real Estate Investment expert

        G3 Mex Group

        Our Market

        Our market focuses on the beautiful coastal waters of Puerto Vallarta, inside Puerto Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas, and the awesome magical villages in exterior north and south zones of the bay. With the remarkable number of retirees and imminent retirees, it is no wonder the real estate market is exploding in exciting Puerto Vallarta.

        Choosing Mexico

        Many people are seeking either second homes or simply an affordable yet comfortable “resort” lifestyle. As a result of this expanding market, there are multi-billion dollar projects in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas within the Bay of Banderas and outlining areas such as Punta Mita, Litibu, Sayulita and San Pancho.

        Creating Profit

        One of our strengths is our established relationships with reputable companies essential to the real estate investment and development business. Our strategic partners provide the core services critical to ensuring profitable, secure and efficient investments, while our alliance partners provide additional value-added services for further securing these projects.

        Our Properties

        Our Location


        Blvd. Fco. M Ascencio 2600-B Local 3D
        Marina Vallarta
        Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

        Tel: 011 52 (322) 209 1358


        Amapas 114-B
        Romantic zone
        Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

        Tel: 011 52 (322) 209 0832

        North Shore

        Carr. Punta Mita-Sayulita #80
        Higuera Blanca, Nayarit

        Mexico Direct: (322) 209 0832

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